Don’t Stop Believing in Your Dreams

Meryland Cuevas International


One of my greatest recent achievements and one that definitely gives me a lot of satisfaction and pride, is to have created my own company, Meryland Cuevas International LLC.  A dream I’ve been nurturing for many years and the reason behind my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and graduate studies in Master of Business Administration. 

Despite my studies and professional experiences, many times I thought my dream would just be that, a dream. Not for lack of knowledge but because I lacked believing in myself. But thanks to the internal work I’ve been able to accomplish on my own and with the help of others, I can now see my dream come true.

I have created not only a company that carries my name and under an international concept, but a company forged with a wonderful purpose, to help change lives and make dreams come true. Today I say to you, never stop believing in your dreams, they do not have expiration dates, if you do not give up, if you do not let fear stop you, with the push, tools and support you need, your dreams can come true.

I am an example that it can be possible and if  I you allow me, I can show you that you can achieve your dreams too.

There’s a message I want you to listen here and then answer the question;   What is your dream?



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