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I am very pleased to share with all of you this blog entry, which is a guest post from well known Latina, Women’s health advocate and Beauty Queen, Dr. Helene Troncoso.  I met Helen at my recent participation in the Conference LATISM15 which took place in Washington, DC and where some of the most influential voices of the Latino blogosphere, personalities and companies were recognized for their contributions and advocacy for different causes of direct impact to Latinos.   Helen, won the category for Best Health blog.  

Without further adieu,  I am sharing this inspirational contribution of Helen and invite you to visit and support her page.   Don’t forget to leave your love in the comments section ♥

64 year-old Diana Nyad became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a protective cage or flippers. That’s more than 100 miles in shark-infested, jellyfish stinging water. Did I mention this was also her fifth attempt? She’s my freaking hero.

How often do we give up on our dreams before we even give them a fair chance to grow? How many times did you give up because you failed, or because didn’t want to look stupid? How many times did you settle, or convince yourself that, “it’s not so bad” so you could learn to accept what’s comfortable instead of choosing what’s unknown? If you’re being real with yourself when you answer these questions, you’ll admit that you’ve done one, or all of the above. So have I. I mean, why do you think there are so many self-help books out there?

The next time your ego and fear kick in and makes you want to run for the hills, say Diana Nyad’s mantra “find a way.” Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself one more time to become that person you always dreamed of.

Check out the video of this historic accomplishment and tell me what do you think about this!




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About our Guest Blogger:


Dr. Helen Troncoso received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey. She is CEO & Founder of Reinventing You, where she serves as a health, wellness and etiquette consultant.    Helen has appeared on the “Dr. Oz” show, and appeared in two segments and a functional fitness DVD for PBS. She has been featured in CNN, NY Times, Cosmopolitan for Latinas, am New York, Shape Magazine, Latina Magazine, NBC Latino, El Diario La Prensa NY, Fox News Latino, Impacto Latin News, NY1,, and many more. She has also served as the fitness and nutrition expert for, and  She was Ms. New York America 2012, and Ms. New York Belleza Latina 2011, where she placed as 1st runner-up in the Ms. Belleza Latina International 2012 competition.




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