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Please listen to this message before proceeding….

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You are here for a reason…

Because you realized that you are worthy of success and to live a happier life. Because you are ready to give your life the positive CHANGE you know you can have! You already know that you can have what you want and I am here to help you get more out of life, because I know that you deserve it too! So Let’s do it!

Life has taught me that everything happens for a reason and that is why you’re here. Your inner voice wants to be heard. You’re tired that things are not as you know they can be for you and you are ready to begin experiencing something better for your life.

Being here is a good step and this may be the beginning of a new chapter in your life …  A chapter where you can feel accomplished  and happier.

You wish …

  • To take control of your life. Stop feeling like a victim of the circumstances and your own negativity
  • To increase your self-esteem
  • To eliminate the negative thoughts and beliefs, to start focusing on the things that are really important to build a brilliant future for you.
  • To end settle for less
  • To get more confidence in yourself and reclaim your power to transform your life
  • To create a life that makes you ridiculously happy
  • Self love 
  • Acceptance
  • Empowerment

If so, then read on…

Do you identify with this?

  • You’re tired of settling for less than what you know you deserve
  • You are tired of pleasing everyone but yourself
  • You are ready to have clarity in your life and recognize what you need to do to get where you want to be
  • You are ready to break the blockage and move your life forward
  • You are ready to end your battle with your low self-esteem and lack of self-love
  • You are ready to start putting YOURSELF first
  • You are ready to experience healthier relationships with yourself and with others
  • You are ready to give your confidence in yourself  the boost  you need
  • You have a strong desire to wake up feeling happy every day






“Working with Meryland is an empowering experience.  She is not only a great listener but her insights and questions helped me to look deeper and find the truth within myself.  Her calls to action helped me to move from truth to success and I am eternally grateful.  Meryland works passionately and authentically to help every client.  She is an amazing person and would work with her time and time again.  Thank you Meryland for all of your help” Sarah Shoop